Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Signs of Normal Life

I finally got to mail packages today and I found an open Starbucks! Life is improving (even if we don’t have power).

My little local Heights PO has no power and they are selling stamps but only for cash. They aren’t accepting packages. So Lou and I went over to the River Oaks Post Office which has some power and they took them! They can’t take credit cards but they can transact business.

On the way home we found an open Starbucks. They only had hot coffee and drinks made with soy because there isn’t any fresh milk to be had – at least not in my part of town. A soy latte isn’t as good as a milk one, but hey I’ll take it.

We also saw that Hickory Hollow, one of our favorite barbecue places had set up a tent in their parking lot and was selling barbecue. You don’t need electricity to make good Texas barbecue! They had a line of happy looking customers.

Once I got home I took some ice, coke and water over to the Heights PO because the folks there looked they needed a random act of kindness. I also told them River Oaks was open so they could direct their customers. They were so thrilled that the normally grumpy supervisor gave me a spontaneous hug

Lou, who has electricity is going to do a load of my laundry in return for the use of my internet.

My new scanner still hasn’t arrived, but that’s OK, there won’t be any garage sales this weekend anyway

Life Goes On.



Library Girl said...

Glad you are finding some normalcy! I still have no power at the condo or parents' house, so I am choosing to extend my evacuation to Austin and turning it into a mini-vaca!

Nancy said...

I'm glad to see you and your beloved are doing okay. 'Pup and I have been wanting one of those big generators for a couple of years now. Perhaps in a couple more, we can save up enough for one. And then, we can repay our good neighbor who snaked an extension from his generator to us for the refrigerator. You're right... Houston can be Quite Civilized sometimes.

MsAbcMom said...

Glad you are ok!

Robin said...

Amen and yes it does! Is your SD is closed tomorrow? I'm asking because our school follows the SB schedule. The WITS office is still dark, if you can believe that.

School Monster said...

I would take any coffee as long it has sugar and a texan barbeque is good anywhere and I have elctricity since yesterday.