Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wikis R Us

I've been experimenting with Wikis. I've finally decided that I like the Peanut Butter Wiki better than Wet Paint. It has a more professional appearance. PBwiki is also having a contest. Competitive creature that I am - I love contests! Especially when the prize is a $250 Wiki bells and whistles package! Click on the link to find out more!
I don't have a Library Web Page, which in this day in age is like having a library without any books. It's one of those annoying guilty nags - "all good librarians have a web page, why don't you , since you don't you are a librarian who is lacking". Now with PBWiki I'm slowly creating it.
Web pages I've discovered are like blogs, you have to start out very simple and grow it as you


BrunhildeCrow said...

Take a look at wikispaces before you commit to pbwiki. They treat teachers really well!

School Monster said...

I think making a blog is better then a web page though in a web page you can name it, have more links, and have your own desings instead of chossing one.There is endless possibilities to a web page but, it depends on the software there is in the computer and how much access you have on the web.