Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Random Thoughts

1. The iPhone's free wi-fi app is a wonderful thing.

2. To get to my mother's assisted living place one must pass a Krispy Kreme with a "Hot Doughnuts" sign. It's a good thing I am going home today.

3. It is going to be 55 tonight in Hendersonville and 90 in Houston. Maybe it isn't such a good thing I am going home.

4. Pack n' Mail places are a God-Send for book sellers who are addicted to scouting.

5. So is Booksalefinder.com

6. Some thrift stores need to get a grip on their pricing. Yeah, sure the book sells for $50 on line. What are the chances of someone wanting that particular book wondering into that particular very small town thrift shop and spotting it? Had it been priced at $10 I am willing to be any number of book sellers would of nabbed it and the charity would be $10 richer.

7. There is way to much Michael Jackson coverage on TV. It's time to move on. There are a few other semi important things going on in our world.

8. What's with the elected officials these days? State after state (New York, California, Arizona ) is reeling from one financial crisis after another yet they seem to busy worrying about their sex life to deal with it. If they aren't explaining that no, they weren't "unfaithful, they were just friends" they are busy blaming somebody else for the fiscal mess. I think every Mother's invisible child "Not Me" got himself elected by his invisible constituents.

9. The best gift a parent can give a child (after a happy childhood and good education) is to arrange for their own long term old age living arrangements while they still can. Talk about priceless.

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VWB said...

Amen to you #9...I will forever be grateful that my Mom made the decisiion and we didnt have to force her into something that she didn't want! I am going to TRY and remember how grateful I was for the future!