Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Comments

Hendersonville , North Carolina

1. Very obese people look even more obese when their mouth is chomping on a Double Big Mac.

2. Free Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing

3. Spending a weekend in a retirement home makes one suddenly feel not so old after all.

4. Pink Mini-Dells always garner a second look. Is it because they are small or because they are pink?

5. The Baptist churches in small Southern towns are very, very large. And ugly.

6. Governor Stanford joins another in a long line of Republicans who believe that marriage is between a woman, a man and his mistress/ office staff / call girl / boy toy.

7. I don't think Michael Jackson ever wanted to grow old. He wanted to be the perpetual Peter Pan and now he will be. He always reminded me of Dorian Gray.

8. Kindles were made for traveling. The thing will pay for itself in the fact that I will never pay excess weight fees on luggage again.

9. The Episcopal churches in small southern towns are always charming and made of weathered grey stone.

10. I have had 2 migranes in 2 days. What's with that? Thank goodness for migrane meds.

11. Voluntary airline bumps are a good thing when they get you a free ticket. They are an even better thing when they ensure you won't be on the flight with the two hyperactive and loud children.

12. Hot weather in Hendersonville is no comparison to hot weather in Houston.
I am glad I am here and not there.


Cheryl said...

Great comments - I enjoy your perspective. And I really like your blogsite - it is classy and attractive. Also, I agree about Episcopal churches. Enjoy your trip!

Chauncey Gardiner said...

What a wit. LOL Governor Sanford and ain't it the truth tho? I am going to copy that and send it to my 'republican dominated' bookclub. Also appreciated the take on Michael Jackson - so right. Have you read Night Train to Lisbon? Your comments recall a description of a character in it.

Mamalibearian said...

Amen to all of the above! Did you get a pink mini-Dell? You need the pink Kindle cover to match it!