Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The 11 Tools - Here We Go Again....

I've done the 23 Things, the 11 & A Half Things and The 5 & 3/4 Things....and now here comes The 11 Tools.

Some of which I'm familiar with and some of which I'm not. The Web comes and goes so quickly so some Tools have already vanished.  The Land of Oz and the Internet have a great deal in common.

I love anything Web 2.0 and the kids do too.  Now that the library has the new Macbooks and the Minis we finally have some decent technology we can finally turn the students loose on the  world of the wild, wild, web.

But, before we can turn the students loose; the teachers have to be taught.  Actually, the kids could teach the teachers but that's not the way it's done in Spring Branch.

This summer, along with packing up, moving and not knowing where we're going to be holding classes come fall everyone must haul out their laptops and create a blog.  Not only that, but they must write 11 posts on their blog.  For some this is a piece of cake (I've had a blog since 2004) but for others it's an overwhelming task.

To quote one of the greatest movie lines of all time "Buckle your seatbelts it's going to be a bumpy night".


Tuesday's Child said...

Test. I haven't been able to leave a comment yet. I am stuck in a circle game of type the comment, sign in, type the security code, sign in, type the security code, repeat until I give up. I am trying on the district laptop this time to see if that makes a difference.

Tuesday's Child.

knappster said...

Thanks for straightening out my url issue! With all of us bombarding you at once, you must have the patience of a saint!

Kelley Summers said...

Hey Guusje! I have a question about how I am posting all the different Web 2.0 Tool Activities I created. Is it okay to post them off to the side or do they need to be posted under the blog post? I was not sure so I am still posting them off to the side. Let me know so I can fix it if needed. Animoto is now one of my favorite tools. Absolutely love it! By the way, thanks for the very nice compliments about my blog. I have to admit that I have spent long hours on this. I have completed 5 tools and have spent about 20 hours on them. I am really putting in the time and have learned a lot of new things that I will take back to my classroom! I am glad that this was a requirement for us this summer.