Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tool 3 - Embedding Videos

Videos are easy to embed -or link.  Sometimes you opt for one, and sometimes the other. I perfer to embed since it's easier for your blog followers to view it.  It also adds visual interest to the blog.   If there are firewall and "Net Nanny "issues a link it best, otherwise there will be this big blank space in the middle of your blog.  Below are examples of Linking and Embedding.

Much to my amazement I've become a Lady Gaga fan.  Granted, I am I old enough to be mother - she is younger than my daughters but I do enjoy her music.  It makes me get up and move.  Moving is good. 

The woman excells at  using Social Media and I think her commerical for Google Chrome is a masterpiece.


Jennifer said...

Love it!! I am coming Wednesday to Panera bread for help so I can complete these. I have to bring my little monsters! See you then.

Jennifer said...

Love it!! I am coning to Panera bread Wednesday for help with completeing these tools. I want to be done! I am bringing my little monsters. I hope they are well behaved. :)See you then.