Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tikatok & Bookr

I like Tikatok, but I'd like it more if I could figure out how to enbed my book - My Summer With the 11 Tools rather than link it.

Oh, I think I just figured it out!  Seems you have to pay a $1 so that Tikatok knows you are an adult.  Yeah me!

Bookr is easier to us but Tikatok has way more options and is much more flexible. Bookr is a good jumping off site since it does have so many limitations. Students can't change the fonts or the text color so they focus on content rather than appearance.  I think I'd start students with Bookr because it's easier and then the students who finish the Bookr.  Instant differentiation!

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arkreynolds said...

You can make your Tikatok fit your page better if you go into the html code and adjust the measurements. Just make sure you change both proportionately and that you adjust all the measurements in the code. I can help if you need.
Love reading your ideas and reflections.