Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Another thing I've learned while obsessively reading blogs - cunning cat pictures are obligatory. Question to ponder, do bloggers graviate toward dogs or cats? We have 6 cats so I can post cute cat pics till the end of time. I also have a nasty case of the flu so my brain is foggy. After another extended wait at the Doctors office I also have new wonder drugs to replace the wonder drugs that didn't work after the first extended wait at the Doctors office. So wonder drugs and I are off to bed. No books will be packed tonight.

In case you are dying to know, the cats in question are Gabriel and LittleManTate, the kitten we rescued last fall.


Tania said...

Beautiful cats!

During my blog surfing experience, I've come across many more cat photos than dog photos. I wonder why that is?

Julie said...

Lovely photos of both kitties and garden! Here in Michigan we are so far from daffodils. I'm still in the mooning-over-the-seed-catalogs phase. I think I'll go post some photos of my kitties now. : )

Robin said...

Hope the wonder drugs get a move on and you feel better soon!

mrsd said...

There are 73 million cat owners, and 68 million dog owners. Probably, more cats are kept inside, than dogs, so pictures are easier to come by? My guess. :)