Sunday, February 06, 2005

Somebody Won...

The Super Bowel, just can't remember who...I think it's the team My Beloved wasn't cheering for because she's awfully quiet all of a sudden.

Me, I watch for the commercials. The Pepsi pitches baffle me - I assume that's an age thing. The beer ads are inane beyond belief. But then, they are aimed at the 20something male so they are most likely hitting their target audience. FedEx had a unique spin. The white cat & spaghetti sauce one was clever but I can't recall what they were shilling. There goes 5 million dollars down the drain!

Oddity- Ads for the half time show. Is there anyone in English Speaking world who wasn't aware that Paul McCartney was performing? He's aging well. Granted,you could hardly see him amid the fireworks and laser light shows but the performer always plays second fiddle to the special effects when it comes to the SuperBowl and the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Olympics. At least he kept his fly zipped.

It's over for another year. Now the media will have to find something else to hype. I hope it's not Michael Jackson.


Julie said...

I love your blog. Anyone who lists Noel Streatfield as one of their favorite authors is a friend of mine! My mom and I still reminisce about Posy's perfect little feet, though of course Petrova was the coolest. I also loved Circus Shoes and Skating Shoes. Sigh. I think I'll go back and reread them all.

Mamacita said...

Add all the 'Shoes' books to my "favorites" list! I love the Superbowl commercials, too; but I watched them last night all in a row over the internet. I'm not sure there's enough money in the world to pay me for sitting through a football game. Blech.