Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Blogs are Alive....

with the sound of music.....and it's a disturbing trend. I surf while My Beloved watches the endless parade of sports on ESPN & the Golf Channel. She doesn't want to miss one moment of the scintillating commentary on whether the receiver was in or out of bounds by one quarter of an inch so absolute quiet is in order.

I'm happily surfing away, collecting credits from BlogExplosion and BlogClicker. I click and odd, tinkling music starts trickling out of my computer. I have a laptop, which I bought for speed and portability, not sound quality. Any music coming out the teeny, tiny speakers sound like it's being rendered by the "It's a Small World" Choir, coming to you live from Walt Disney World.

Folks, this is not a good thing if you want readers to linger at your blog and read your pearls of wisdom.

I hear music and I move on - I don't even wait for the seconds clock to count down!

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