Sunday, February 20, 2005

We are Everywhere...esp. on a Channel Near You

... on Sunday night, February 20th, 2005.

First off, Melissa Etheridge on DateLine NBC, talking of her victory over breast cancer, with partner by her side. She's bald, alive, sparkling and sexier than ever.

Melissa! Posted by Hello

Followed by The Simpsons with an episode featuring gay marriage. Patty came out! Marge, once she got over the shock was accepting and supportive.

Then Desperate Housewives. Those in know are hinting that the show will soon introduce a gay character (and it happened tonight!) . Not to mention the very persistent rumor that one of the housewives is actually gay in real life.

And for the grande finale - The L Word. Dyke Drama, high fashion and a convoluted story line.

Dykes in Prime Time! Hey, Shrub Bush no matter how you try to spin it we aren't going to disappear. Get over it!


Melinda said...

You sing it, sister! :)

Tania said...

I loved the interview with Melissa Etheridge! She seems so strong and happy. The bit with both her and her wife was quite sweet. :)

I feel badly for Marcia Cross (the Desperate Housewife who is rumoured to be gay). I saw her on a show a week or so ago, and she denied it, saying that if it was true, she'd be open about it. She made a comment about the fact that the rumour comes from her being in her 40s and single, and nothing else rumour-worthy going on in her life. I think the media should not be in the business of outing (whether real or not) people - it should be a personal choice to come out.

On a less serious note, the Desperate Housewives episode was a good one!

Jaia Russo said...

I live in (extremely conservative) Utah, & I recently shaved my head. I'm straight, & it was interesting and disturbing to observe the way that I was treated.

Not sure why I brought that up, that's just what your post reminded me of. I'm glad to find your kickass blog, & Bush should get his head out of his ass. =)

birdwoman said...

You know what I wish? I wish gay marriage were so commonplace that no one even commented on it anymore. Well, no one but the extreme KKK like nuts, like the ones who are still bitter that blacks can sit anywhere they please on the bus...