Monday, February 14, 2005

It Won't Leave...

Hack, sneezle, sniffle, honk, cough, sniff, sneeze..oh it just sounds really peachy at our house. No Valentine Romance, no long lingering dinner for two, no roses, no champagne toasts. I think we'll go get some take out from Pei-Wei. Won-Ton soups sounds appealing and they make a good fried rice.

Someone on the Thrift List posted a new link for e-cards. Very clever. Anti-Cards - not sappy or sentimental.

And I wasted a perfectly good day off and that's even more annoying than being sick. I planted a few herbs and listed books . E-Bay's Valentine's Day present to its users is a nickel listing day so I'll toss a bunch of books up once prime time arrives.

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