Monday, June 27, 2005

Houston We Have Kittens - Again

Last fall we had a kitten explosion when several semi- feral cats had litters under the house. We ended up keeoing one Mama and her sole surviving baby, which pushed our inside population up to six. Then, thanks to S.N.A.P & their Free Feral Cat Neutering program we went on a kitty tube tying spree. I've been monitoring the back porch rabble and I thought our colony had stabilized.

But, always expect the unexpected when it comes to cats. A wild as a hare long hair calico showed up every now and then to eat. He/She ran whenever we saw her/him and I thought it was just passing through.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

This morning it was lying on the table on our patio accompanied by 2 white and tabby kittens. And it is definitely a she. The kittens are shy and skitty and run when I open the door. They are beginning to eat solid food and I think they are about 2 months old. They are big - Mama has been eating well on our back porch and look healthy. And of course cute, but what kitten isn't?

I've already called S.N.A.P and reserved traps for their next Feral Cat Spay/Neuter weekend.

Some jobs just never end.


Julie said...

Please post pix!!

Julie said...

Awwww! Thanks!