Friday, June 24, 2005

Well Deserved Slugdom

My Beloved had an 8am T-Time (only golf would willingly get her out of bed at such an early hour). Of course, I was the appointed the snooze hitter and chief prodder so I got up too and followed her to the driving range. Hit a bucket of balls - felt good, it's been way to long, what with being sick and it being so hot. Put in 20 minutes of putting practice. I was thoroughly hot so I decided to get my walk in too. Put in 35 minutes of walking round the jogging/ walking track.

Interesting people watching. People who jog are focused with a capital F. No eye contact with others, no looking around, just grim jawed running and sweating. The walkers are a little more mellow and willing to nod and smile. The thinner the person, the less clothing. . Short shorts and crop tops went with washboard tummies and bouncy pony tails. The older, more overweight folks wore way to many clothes for the 90+ temperatures. Long sleeves, long pants, I saw a couple of women in sweats. I guess they aren't comfortable bearing their knees and thighs to the eyes of the world. Very sad, to be that uncomfortable with one's body. Especially on a public park jogging park, which is a pretty nonjudgemental place.

It was 9:30 and I'd practiced by golf and gotten some exercise. I felt virtuous. I rewarded myself with a latte and a leisurely perusal of the morning paper at Starbucks. If you are a fellow Starbucks junkie, check out ExpressoNinja .

The most delightful part of summer break (which is half over!) is not having to watch the clock and being able to linger.

Then homeward bound to hole up in the air conditioning and continue the never ending project of culling the dogs from my E-bay and Amazon inventory.

45 Minutes of Golf Practice - sore muscles
35 Minutes of Brisk Walking - sweat dripping in your eyes
Being a slug without feeling guilty - priceless

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