Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Stranger in a Strange Land

I had to go to the Mall today. Not a place I frequent, given that I normally buy most everything I need at thrift stores, the internet and occasional forays to Target. However, my mother adores James Avery jewelry so off I went. James Avery is very popular with the Junior League / Soccer Mom set and their shops are located in upscale malls. So off I went to Memorial City Mall , Houston's #2 mall in the mall pecking order. Hadn't been there in over a year, not since My Beloved finished remodeling the place.

A mall on on summer Tuesday afternoon is a busy place. This one is frequented by Mall Walkers - easy to spot by their white, lace up walking shoes, gray hair and determined expressions. There were soccer moms in training, pushing baby strollers as big as the SUVS they drive. Complete with cup holders and ample carrying room for all their packages. And there were multitudes of teenage girls, looking like what I would call "Valley Girls". Only I think Valley Girls as passe but I don't know the current venacular.

Their faces were as blank as diner dinner plates & totally devoid of any expression. Identical noses. Hair streaked just so, arms adorned with those multicolored plastic bands that are so popular. Colored toenails peeking out from very expensive flip flops (I still find it amazing that 39 cent flip flops have now morphed into a "fashion item". Tight little baby tees, flirty skirts. Hands weighted down with shopping bags from Victoria's Secret , The Gap and Bath and Body Works.

No summer jobs for these girls, they are preparing for careers as Texas Trophy wives and learning how to shop.

I bought my jewelry and left. Quickly. Hopefully I won't have to go back for another year or two!


Just Wandering said...

Death to the mall...we seem to have the same ideas about consumerism! Go internet, thrift stores!

Melinda said...

I agree. Malls make me feel claustrophobic - like the world is closing in on me.

Thao said...

Hey fellow Houstonian. I live close to Memorial but not too close to be considered chi-chi. I don't like going there either, everyone seems so vapid. But apparently famous people like to flock there.