Saturday, June 18, 2005

Uptown Girls

Yesterday evening we dined among the thin, well dressed and chi-chi. Past 4 -5 months I've mostly grabbed a bite in Tex-Mex restaurants or fast food places. Both places tend to attract the hefty hiefers, the broad of beam and the fashion challenged. Toss in the fact that I spend most of time at an elementary school -visualize schoolteacher embroidered denim jumper frump and thrift stores - visualize stretch pants, gold lame heels and a crop top in size 24x. About the only time I see high fashion is when I watch the L Word and reruns of Sex in the City.

So, friends suggested we meet for dinner at Uptown Sushi -yeap that's really the name of the place!

Uptown Sushi Posted by Hello

Mother of pearl sushi bar, tri-level seating so you could see and be seen. They don't take reservations and the bar / waiting area has little seating since they want to create a "buzz" -plus make sure you can see all their multiple martinis in multiple colors. Excess yards of cloth covered the walls, , high ceilings, dramatic low level lighting, elegant lamps, striking art. The food was equally elegant. Presentation is always a big part of sushi but this place took it to new heights.

Not being part of the chi-chi set, we arrived early for dinner and the place was only about half full. We were seated promptly and concentrated on food and conversation since it had been some time since we'd seen each other. Service was very slow, which didn't bother us a bit (this is not the sort of place you dine at if you are in a hurry). Food was excellent & innovative and they went beyond the tired and true when it came to the sushi rolls.

By the time we left the place was full to overflowing. Trim young woman, with $200 highlights, pouty lips (was it nature or was it collagen?), perfectly made up eyes, flirty, summer dress with short skirts and high heels to show off long, tanned legs. Many were there with girl friends, enjoying the food and scanning the crowd with a predatory look. Most of the men; who all had that up and coming accountant or lawyer look to them were there with dates. Freshly dry cleaned and starched Ralph Lauren shirts, chinos, Cole-Hahn shoes. Why there were so many single girls on the prowl baffled me since the single guys were more likely to be at the very expensive steak house next door.

But then both places shared valet parking so perhaps they were hoping to score while waiting for their car!


Heather said...

It makes me tired just to think about all the work that goes into the "see and be seen" culture. But it is nice to visit once and a while.

Julie said...

Ok, lemme get this straight. Guusje, were you wearing the jumper (yes, I followed the link) or the stretch pants/gold lame/crop top? (*snorting with laughter*)

As always, your description was marvelous!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Interesting. You're quite the observer. ;)

Just Wandering said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. If only going to K-Mart instead of Wal-Mart was that easy since I live in Canada. Here there's not so many discount store options...anyway.

That sounds like a lot of fun at the restaurant. I love places like that, where the people watching is even more fun than the good food.

Irishcoda said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Please come and visit again soon! I used to dream of being a librarian because I love to read books! :) Will be back to visit your blog again

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Good food, good friends, and great people watching. Guusje, as always your observations are right on.