Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Bit to Much Time with Books?

Dallas Posted by Picasa
I’m happily wallowing in a DVD of second season of Dallas -my favorite prime time soap. One of the characters walks over to a bookshelf and pulls down a book. I notice that shelved beside it is the The Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, Third edition.

I start to wonder – why is that book on the shelf? Sue Ellen hasn’t been sent away to dry out yet nor admitted she has a problem so she wouldn’t be reading it. Even though I know it, and all the books were just stuck on there by some set dresser with no thought as to what the titles were.

Then I muse “What would it worth on E-bay?”

And to make it worse, I already know the answer – not much, I’ve sold 3 of them lately! To bad it wasn' the First Edition.

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