Sunday, July 09, 2006

Is He or Isnt He?

I have never given much credence to conspiracy theories. Figured that those were the province of the crackpots, the crazy folks, the wild eyed ones.

An amazing number of intelligent, sane, literate people really do believe that Ken Lay isn’t dead. Sane literate people whom I know and respect and who are my friends and family. I find myself agreeing with them. It is a scary feeling – am I suddenly in my dotage? I am not old enough for that stage of life yet (like all Baby Boomers I am not embracing old age)!

Go to Goggle and type in “Ken Lay is Not Dead” – and up come hundreds of hits.
The conspiracy blogs are buzzing. When the news came out that Lay was to be cremated, with no viewing the blogs began to sound like a hive a angry of bees.

It was all just so “coincidental”, the timing is all so perfect. Ken Lay, was much to his surprise convicted. Despite claims that he has no money he manages a vacation in a small town near Aspen. Conveniently, he dies there, far away from big city media and the one of the best high tech medical centers in the nation.

Lay has the money, he has the political connections (after all, he’s Kenny Boy to the The Shrub ), he has the smarts, he has the cunning and he has the nerve. Anyone who testifies with a straight face that he did not know what was going on in his own company and thinks he can bamboozle the jury with his story has nerve aplenty.

I bet John Grisham already has already finished his first draft!


Julie said...

And did you see the headline calling him Cheato Lay, ha ha!

Library Lady said...

I hadn't even thought of this, but it DOES make a heap lot of sense...

durante vita said...

Fine. Let's find him and make sure he pays.

doggirl said...

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