Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ken Lay 1942-2006

Well, he cheated the system yet again. Yes of course I'm sorry for his family, sorry he's dead but I think he got off easy and so did his family.

But all the people who lost their jobs, lost their life savings and lost their idenity will never finish picking up and putting together the pieces of their lives. They know Ken Lay will never have to do any of that any more.

Oddly, the news media are busy returning him to sainthood. They appear to be bending over backward not to speak ill of the dead. Yesterday he was a crook, today he's a "good man". Go figure.


Julie said...

Yeah, Guusje. I agree completely.

overalls_lover said...

If a serial rapist or child molestor had died before serving their jail term, we'd be doing a jig in the street, and probably not for their victims who are still "putting together the pieces of their lives." Yet, because Ken Lay was a business crook and didn't serve his time, he "cheated the system." Go figure... But, I completely agree about the news media.