Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ken Lay is the new Elvis

According to the local news Houston Talk Radio is all abuzz that Ken Lay isn't really dead. He's faked his own death and it's all part of a big conspiracy so that he won't have to go to prison.
He's taken all the money and run away to Argentina or Costa Rica. He called in his political markers and George Bush & the CIA helped him get away. He's sitting on a beach somewhere sipping Pina Coladas and laughing his ass off.

KHOU- TV has a section for readers comments and there are many like this one:
"My first reaction was that his death was staged and he's on his way to Argentina for a little plastic surgery. "

Fascinating theory - and the scary part is that nobody would be surprised if it was true!


Julie said...

Yep, I asked my husband and he agreed. "That's what all the conspiracy theory blogs are saying!" ;-)

Nancy said...

hummm, sneaky enough and scuzzy enough for the Enron folks, but I'd say he's probably a deader anyway.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I'll be honest-- that was my first reaction, just because he and the Enron mess were so over-the-top!

Then I thought: "Naaaaaah."

But part of me still wanted to see the body and fingerprint it.