Saturday, July 15, 2006

Something Else!

I really feel like writing today- I’m finally feeling ahead of myself book listing wise and I’m allowing myself to do SOMETHING ELSE!

Among the something elses is surfing Blog Explosion, reading the blogs and looking for the gold nuggets among the chaff. Trust me; there is a great deal of chaff out there in the blogsphere!

I did find Dementia Blues, written on a subject I thankfully have little experience with, but so well written than I just kept reading the posts. From experience, I know that folks with well-written blogs link to other well-written blogs so I clicked around and found, A Long and Writing Road which had one of those fun “snapshot” memes that are always enjoyable to read and complete.

1. Yourself: Contented & semi hungrey.
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Alternately dozing and watching golf while prone on the couch
3. Your hair: Brown with threads of gray.
4. Your Mother: In Holland visiting her sister and showing off her two granddaughters.
5. Your Father: Died 3 years ago this month.
6. Your Favorite Item: Laptop and WiFi
7. Your dream last night: Bizarre and muddled.
8. Your Favorite Drink: Coca Cola – the Real Thing or a Starbucks Latte.
9. Your Dream Home: Library or a well stocked thrift store.
10. The Room You Are In: Living Room
11. Your fear: Overstaying my welcome on this earth
12. Where you Want to be in Ten Years? Retired
13. Who you hung out with last night: My Beloved, our 5 cats and my buddies on the Internet.
14. What You’re Not: Pessimistic.
15. Your Best Friends: Few but cherished.
16. One of Your Wish List Items: Wall to wall built in bookshelves.
17. Your Gender: Female
18. The Last Thing You Did: Listed books to sell on Amazon
19. What You Are Wearing: T-shirt & shorts
2o. Your favorite weather: Houston in March – not to hot, not to cold, which is unlike Houston the rest of the year.
21. Your Favorite Book? Changes every week if not every day!
22.Last thing you ate? Lentil & rice salad with feta cheese.
23. Your Life: busy, active and fulfilling.
24. Your mood: Cheerful.
25. The last person you talked to on the phone: Sister in law.
26. Who are you thinking about right now? That a margarita or cold beer with some Tex-Mex would taste really good!

Whom am I passing this one too? Nobody, but if you feel so inclined go for it!


Julie said...

#26 sounds good to me, too!

Robin said...

if #26 was the margarita, i agree!

Robin said...

P.S. you might like the 20 things i hate meme? or at least you can feel better afterwards!