Sunday, July 30, 2006

Things I Hate

Robin over at The Other Mother suggested I do the “20 Things I Hate” meme to get out of my doldrums. The doldrums are very noticeable today because tomorrow I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK. Which means getting up at 5:30am as opposed to 7am.

I checked my contract and it says I don’t have to report till the 7th. But for some reason I have meeting after meeting scheduled for next week so I might as well bite the bullet and get into the routine. Texas teachers have no union with any power so when the administration says “Be There” we have to “Be There”. Or else. And “or else” does nothing toward getting the bills paid

  1. I hate the alarm at 5:30 am. I really do like my job, I just wish school didn’t start at 7am
  2. I hate the Katy Freeway (also known at Interstate 10 West). It is under a state of permanent construction.
  3. While I don’t mind getting old, in fact life gets more and more interesting with each passing day, I do hate the fact that my eyes and knees don’t work as well as they used too.
  4. And while I’m at it, I hate the fact that my metabolism doesn’t work as well as it used to either. Once upon a time, I could anything and everything. That was then, and sadly, it is no longer now.
  5. I hate folding the sheets.
  6. I hate buying clothes – especially in large department stores because the staff would rather do anything but be helpful. Houston just got a Nordstrum where I understand the staff is actually happy to assist customers. I plan to check them out the next time I need “real clothes”. Which I hope won’t be till one of my daughters marry. Which isn’t about to happen anytime soon. Which is good.
  7. I hate it when the state or any institution squanders thousands and thousands of dollars on fancy furniture, parties and trips while children haven’t health insurance and park workers are laid off to accommodate budget cuts.
  8. I hate it when parents seem to have money for cigarettes but not for glasses for their children. You’d be amazed how common this is.
  9. I hate writing book descriptions for E-bay. I love scouting for books and selling books, but writing descriptions is an almighty bore.
  10. I hate it when my computer is balky.
  11. I hate the fact that the school district is so worried about cyber predators that they throw out the baby with the bath water and ban all access to blogging sites and anything else that might cause a problem. Wouldn’t it be better to teach the kids safety rules instead?
  12. I hate this stupid war. It’s pointless. I wonder what all the Soccer Moms who supported the shrub will do when their children are called up for provide cannon fodder? With enlistments going down I wouldn’t be surprised to see the draft reappearing.
  13. I hate Hummers. What a useless excuse for a car and what a statement in selfish conspicuous consumption. Have you noticed that people who drive one are always on their cell phones and think traffic laws and traffic courtesy are for everyone but Hummer Drivers?
  14. I hate out of control children. For someone, a portion of the population who shops at thrift stores thinks nothing of letting their children turn the place into a playground. They also see nothing wrong with letting their baby or toddler scream and cry for a solid 20 minutes.
  15. I hate it when the cat pees where she shouldn’t. It’s normally when she’s mad at us. She is one smart cat.
  16. hate talking to technical support people who reside in another continent and yet try and convince me that they are stateside. The jig is up when your accent is so heavy that I have to ask you to repeat everything 3 times. That’s the main reason I didn’t replace my Dell with another Dell.
  17. I hate anything having to do with Health Insurance. Yes, I’m lucky to have it, but why does it have to be so cumbersome and difficult to deal with.
  18. I hate it when Amazon and E-bay buyers have unrealistic expectations regarding mailing times. If someone buys a book on Monday it is not going to show up in their mailbox on Tuesday. And despite what they think, I have no control over how long it takes the USPS to deliver. If I had that kind of power I wouldn’t have to work for a living.
  19. I hate ED commercials. The golf channel runs 24/7 at our house and I’ve decided that men spend way to much time worrying about that particular portion of their anatomy. I consider those commercial to be TMI to the extreme. The enlarged prostate medication commercials are just as bad.
  20. I hate it when the car breaks down. In my next life I want to live in a city with good public transportation and not own one.

You know, it worked, I do feel better! I’m not passing this on to anyone but take it and run with it you want to! It is very cathartic!


butterfly angel said...

Wow ~ this could have been my post. I have the same report date as you! Spent from 7:30 to 4:00 at a workshop ~ orientation is Thursday morning and I have various and sundry meetings.

Our district changed health insurance companies so that ought to be interesting come Sept. 1st!

Let's not even explore road construction here in San Antonio ~ it bites but you couldn't pay me to drive in Houston (maybe if I were heavily sedated!)

Like you, I love working with the kids. Have a great school year.
~butterfly angel~

Liz B said...

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar. And I love your things I hate list!

Anonymous said...

People who drive Hummers (not I, by the way) are not the only people who talk on their cell phones. Cell phone talking while driving is pervasive.

TinyNose said...

One of the items on your list leads me to believe you might like this t-shirt:

I've been meaning to buy one for myself, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

Great list, by the way! I agree on many of your pet peeves.

Robin said...

So far I've only bought shoes and baby clothes (a gift exchange) at Nordstrom's, but I have been impressed every time.

Julie said...

You don't actually have to fold sheets, you know. I just wad them up and stuff them into the linen closet. ;)