Monday, January 21, 2008

First Forays Into Blogging

I’ve wanted to teach a blogging class for our After School Program for quite some time. I’m convinced that blogging helps kids be better writers - I now it’s improved mine.

First hurdle: The district blocked all blogs. Thanks to the efforts of The Librarian Philosopher, Blogger (and some other Web 2.0 resources) are now open.

Second hurdle: Educating the ASP teachers about what a Blog is (and isn’t)

Third hurdle: Getting on the schedule (ASP isn’t always organized)

Two years later I finally got the go-head. The wheels of education turn very, very slowly sometimes.

The first classes meet last week. Of course we couldn’t blog. First there was paperwork to fill out and permission slips to hand out. The district treats anything having to do with the internet very, very seriously.

I explained what a blog was – most of the kids weren’t to sure & showed them some sample blogs. One of the 4th graders wasn’t to sure he wanted to blog – he wanted to go to “technology” which I gather is a computer free for all. I think, that by the end of the hour I’d convinced him to give it a try. Fourth graders take the Writing TAKS test & need all the writing practice they can get.

Next week I’m going to use the Blogging Tips posted on Library2Play and everyone will set up their first blog. That is if the internet is working and the creeks don’t rise.

A couple of the kids turned their permission slips in the very next morning which is a very good sign indeed!


VWB said...

I can't wait till we start seeing the fruits of your hard-fought labor!

melscales said...

I am very interested in how this will work with your kids. Keep us informed!

landismom said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. I wish that my daughter's school taught blogging. Unfortunately, the teacher she has this year is barely email literate. I love tenure, but it would be nice if the older teachers would be more technologically up-to-date.