Sunday, January 06, 2008

Thing #7 Google

How did we manage pre- Google? It's my search engine of choice and if it's not on Google well then it doesn't exist! I use it at work, for my book business and to satisfy my personal curiosity. Sooner or later they will organize the world and by doing that rule said world. They can't possibly do a worst job than the current world rulers are doing.

The requirements for Thing #7 are to further explore Google. I drive a couple of my gifted and talented kids home twice a week and they are fascinated by my GPS so I think they would adore Google Earth. I googled ways to use it in the classroom and found some ideas but I need to adapt them for first and second graders. I'm still noodling on that one. Most of what's out there assumes the student knows how to read. Not so when working with a bi-lingual 1st graders.
Even if they are Gifted and Talented.

I discovered Google has a new toolbar - currently residing proudly atop the computer currently in my lap. Langniappe!

I've played around with the Yahoo Calendar in the past, which is similar to the Google Calendar. It doesn't fit my lifestyle. My Beloved & I communicate via Outlook meeting requests. I'm not sure what that says about our relationship. Either Caldendar site would be very useful for a classroom teacher who didn't have a class webpage or blog. Great way to communicate with parents and keep them abreast of homework assignments.

I have a an iGoogle page which I never use - well I did use it but found myself clicking directly to E-bay so made E-bay my home page instead. Actually, I live and die by the links on the top of my toolbar. That and the latest version of Internet Explorer; which allows me to keep multiple pages separated by tabs. Virgos love file folders with tab since they are tools we can use to ORGANIZE things. Virgos live to organize (must be why I'm a librarian).

Google owns Blogger and I've had a blog since 2004 so I've played around with Picasa. Pictures make any blog more interesting. Same goes for books. There's Flickr, there is Picasa, there is Snapfish - just pick one and make it yours. 'nuff said.

However, I didn't know about Google Notebook. That is one very handy little tool. I write an occasional article for Bookthink. Normally I open up Word & cut n' paste my findings but Google Notebook is much handier. I'll give it a whirl as I explore for ways to use Google Earth with my curious 6 year olds.

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