Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Library2Play Thing 6

Tomorrow it's back to work so I tackled Thing #6 - it might be some time before I get around to Things #7 - #23. The first week with kids after the break is always a shock.

I digress so back to the topic at hand. I'm a wordsmith and not a graphics artist. I'm not one to spend hours in Photoshop getting the picture to be "just right". I'm much more likely to compose a piece of prose and then find a picture on Google Images and leave it at that. My iPhone still has the original wallpaper and it's doubtful I'll ever change it nor do I change the wallpaper on my personal computer. I don't decorate my house and I don't decorate my computers!

Thing #6 didn't ring my chimes though I can see where kids, who primarily visual will adore making Trading cards and posting pictures on Mappr. An innovative Language Arts teacher could have her students make a Trading Card for the characters in a novel. An equally innovative Social Studies teacher could use Mappr for an interesting twist on the standard "trace the route of Lewis & Clark" assignment or even on that old chestnut - the state report.

Creating a Trading card was easy and I know I'm going to use it with PGP kids. Nice twist on the "about me" assignments.

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LKP said...

I am not much of a graphics player either, but I did find the trading card site fun and really pretty easy --- as in so easy I could do it! I like your idea about book character trading cards, it could be turned into a writing assignment so that the kids could learn character analysis!?! Anyway, keep having fun playing and good luck next week!!!