Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Library2Play - Thing 5

Flickr is the topic of Thing #5. I'd heard about it, but hadn't used it - mostly due to inertia on my own part. I've always used Snapfish my own picture host. Sometimes I am indeed an old dog. Tonight, with the cold weather making my knees ache I'm feeling like very old dog indeed.

I'm the defacto photographer at school - not because I'm talented but because I always have a digital camera on my belt. A working digital camera with fresh batteries. I'd been posting pictures on Snapfish but Flickr appears to be a better tool. It would have greatly simplified last December's Science Fair Project.

I created a group - of course I'm the administrator - I do so love being in charge- and I'll start posting school pictures to it. Since many of them are of the students it's an "by invitation" only group. Seems a prudent thing to do.

One of my Christmas presents is a Digital Picture Frame and I'm going to load it up and take it to school. The kids adore looking at pictures of themselves. It will be a fun addition to the 5 Lava Lamps that now adorn the library.


MsAbcMom said...

Ilove flickr. If you set up an account, add me as a contact. You can get to my flickr via my blog.

Happy New Year!!!

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

If you put a digital picture frame in your library, you can load it up with your camera's memory card and the students can watch slideshows of themselves all day long! If your school has wireless, that's even better because you can get a wireless digital frame and all of your Flickr pictures will automatically, wirelessly be displayed.

Actually, even better than Flickr, is FrameChannel. I've been a FrameChannel fan for a year now.

Froggy Wart said...

So glad I can come to you for help with Flickr...it's more than I bargained for!

Book Nook Girl said...

Great idea setting up a group on Flickr for school use. I need to think about that one!