Monday, January 21, 2008

Library2Play - Thing #16 Wikis

I'm being most Un-Virgo. Virgos always do things in order but I'm jumping from Thing 7 to Thing 16. It's all about Wikis and I created my first Wiki last week.

Lunch in an elementary school library is always a grim affair for the adults. Unlike the high schools there are few choices - you can have the tray lunch, a salad or a baked potato or packing your own. The contents of the tray lunch are often more influenced by farm subsidies and government surplus than Gourmet Magazine. Toss in the fact that most teachers have 25 minutes to eat on a good day and you have a sad situation indeed.

Our new Assistant Principal knew of a budding entrepreneur , The Salad Guy who delivered tasty and healthy salads to the local schools. She put together a few orders but really didn't have time to add this to her daily duties. E-mailing The Salad Guy wasn't satisfactory since the district firewalls has a very bad habit of eating e-mails. So I played around with Wetpaint and set up a Wiki so everyone could order their own lunch.

So far so good - it seems that teachers, just like children will work for food!

I'm now dropping hints that Wikis are a great way for the kids to write and research. They could even post their notes to the Wiki, thus ending the perenial problem of losing their note cards or leaving their project at home. They could also create a Wiki as their finished product. Anything would be an improvement over the tri-folds on which are slapped some pages printed of a web site. Be interesting to see if anyone expands from lunch to research!


Froggy Wart said...

Another great example of how we have to think of ways to be of service to our customers at their point of need BEFORE they will accept our traditional ways of being "useful." I bet you WILL get some takers on using wikis as learning tools!

Grendel said...

Wow! Great ideas I almost hate to admit it, but I am a jumper, and it is driving me nuts trying to march along in order! Good for you and hurrah for your clever wiki!