Monday, January 28, 2008

Library2Play - Thing 17

I'm not sure why I'm doing Thing #17, in the Library2Play series except that it's under Thing #16. I really ought to go and do Thing #8 which is next on the list. I guess it's because Thing 17 is also about Wikis and they have been much on my mind lately. I've started the Salad Guy Wiki at school (sure wish he'd updated it today - I wanted to order lunch!) and My Beloved is now using a Wiki to plan her next group golf trip. My orderly Virgo mind wants to totally finish the section on Wikis before back tracking to another thing.

So, on to Thing 17, The Sandbox. Not sure how it differs from a Wiki, except you don't need to register to play - all you need is the secret handshake - make that the password.

I've already added many comments as to what I want in the new libraries the district is planning to build - along with all the new schools the district is also planning to construct. I hope they listen to The Librarian Philospher. The last time the district went on an expansion binge they used with the cookie cutter plan. They built 4 identical schools, all of which have the same identical design flaws, many of which can be found in the 4 identical libraries. Libraries need doors and walls. Glass walls are fine, in fact better than brick walls, but some kind of walls. And a door. That closes. However, I digress.

I really ought to start a Library Wiki since I'm supposed to have a library web page and don't. Heck, my school doesn't even have a current web page. There isn't anyone to do it. I suspect that most of the schools that have updated web pages have them because some staff member undertakes it as a labor of love. In education Labors of Love are done at home, on ones own time.

I suspect we'd do more to keep our page current if our students & their parents had computers. Actually, many of them have a computer, it's the internet they don't have. That requires a landline and our population lives in cell phone (the pre-paid, no deposit required) world.

However, should a teacher want to creat a class "Home Page" a Wiki would be an excellent place to begin.

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