Sunday, March 23, 2008

Libary2Play Thing #20 You Tube & Teacher Tube

I'm in day 2 of my 48 Library2Play marathon (feel like I'm back in college again and wonder if an all nighter is in my future) I am very much over libraries and earnest statements about the future of libraries and education.

So, for Thing #20 - You Tube I explored American Apparel, the company my Web 2.0 daughter works work. An aside, the web is made for us hyperactive types with short attention spans! Bored with one topic? Just jump to another!

I don't think any of the You Tube American Apparel videos are ever going to make it past the school filters. I can certainly understand the appeal of the company to the Digital Immigrants. It's local, it's "Green", it's fashion and advertising bubbleing up from the bottom, as opposed to be imposed from the top. It's the clothing for the Web 2.0 pioneers. In fact I've seen the clothes in some of the videos I've watched for this project!

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