Sunday, March 23, 2008

Library2Play Thing #22 Nings

Oh My Goodness! I cruise on over to the Texas School Librarians Ning and who do I see staring back at me but my very favorite cataloger and award winning blogger!

I've read about Nings but they really must be seen to be understood. The Texas School Librarian Ning appears to be a mashup of youtube videos, a couple of wikis, assorted blogs, some forums, a few yahoo groups and LM_NET. It really is LM_NET with graphics and ads. I wonder if it's moderated as LM_NET is?

Of course I joined. Not that I need yet another Web distraction but I couldn't resist. I also found yet another blog to add to my google reader. Information overload, here I come!


Library Girl said...

I totally don't get Nings. We must discuss this in person sometime soon! I see you are nearing the end of your 23 things. I just finished, although I didn't need the hours either! :)

Froggy Wart said...

thanks for the nice words!
I figured belongingt o the "state" group of bloggers only makes sense!

I have enjoyed hopping around the 23 Things with you the last few sure you have jumped on every calculations say.......