Sunday, March 23, 2008

Library2Play Thing #20 - You Tube & Teacher Tube pt.2

You Tube is blocked at school. My enterprising lunch bunch figured a way around the filters. They weren't being malicious or searching for porn, they just wanted to watch "scary videos" and "funny videos".

One thing typed "Funny Videos" into Google Search and they were off and running. They proudly showed me their results, most of which I thought were unbelievably stupid. I let it go for a couple of weeks and then gave them some alternative suggestions. Kids tend to do something over and over and over and over again till every adult around them is heartily sick of it.

TeacherTube isn't blocked (at least not now!) but when it comes to using the Web and streaming video as a teaching tool, I much prefer Discovery Education. I can D/L the videos in advance and I'm not caught unawares by an Internet shutdown or slow down.

Last year I learned that during March Madness the district Internet crawls to a standstill. This year I'm prepared!

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