Saturday, March 22, 2008

Library2Play Thing #14 Technorati

I'm glad one of the "things" is all about Technorati, being it's a "thing" I've meant to take a look at, yet never gotten around to doing so. Actually, I did look at it once - seems I have a sign on (created in August of 2007 that still works but I never followed through. So I'm back for a second look. I did discover that my blog automatically "pings" Tecnorati so I've active with them, even though I thought I wasn't.

The Blogsphere appears to be obsessed with politics and celebrities. Actually, these days they are often one and the same. I'm not especially interested in either. . When I flip through People in the grocery store checkout line I have no clue why the People in People are deemed worthy of being in People. I do know who is running for President, but I'm not and never have been a political animal. I think the insurance industry, the defense contractors and the litigation lawyers are the ones who are really running the country. Once again I am marching to a different drummer. The story of my life.

Tags - I'm supposed to muse on Tags. I'm always forgetting to tag my own posts and given how few hits I found when I searched "tags" for "School Library 2.0" it's safe to say I'm not the only one. I like the idea of tags but the librarian in me wants some sort of standardization. And that is why I suspect subject or phrase searches yield ever so many more hits than tag searches do.

Ways to use Tecnorati in a school setting? Not sure on that one, though it's a wonderful tool for tracking pop culture and the popular thought. Interesting addition to the required reading list for a high school politics and government class. Personally, I'll check it in hopes of figuring out who the People are that People Magazine is talking about!

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