Friday, March 21, 2008

Surly Pills

Did everyone take a Surly Pill today?

The empty fridge sent me forth to the grocery store. Unlike many people, I normally enjoy grocery shopping. I love to cook, love to eat, love to try out new foods and can easily spend way to much time (and money) at a well stocked Signature Kroger.

None of the employees of the Kroger on West Gray in Houston, Texas wanted to be at work today. The Deli employee looked so pained by my requests that I cut my list short. The checker and the bagger were way to busy discussing their off work plans to smile, make eye contact or say thank you. The sacker also put the bagged salad in the bottom of the bag and dumped a half gallon of milk on top. I hope has some ideas for what do with wilted lettuce.

Onward to
Sur La Table. Since I love to cook, it stands to reason that I love Sur La Table. They enticed me into the store with a $10 off coupon and a new catalog. Old coupon clipper that I am, of course I had to use it. I coveted a salad dressing mixer. Couldn't find it. Did find two clerks busy gossiping. They were not happy at being interrupted. Suddenly I was not happy at being in Sur La Table. Normally I can happily while away a couple of hours (and $100) at Sur La Table. Not this time. It was quite apparent I was annoying the clerks. I bought my Salad Mixer and left.

I'm a devoted Internet shopper but occasionally I feel the need to go into a real, live, bricks and mortar store. Then I have an experience like today. It's back to the 'net for me.

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