Saturday, March 22, 2008

Library2Play Thing #9 - More Blogs

More blogs to read ! Do I need to read any more blogs? Nope, but I can never resist a good blog.

I like Google Blog Search but then I like everything Google. A quick search of Library2Play produced showed my post of last night residing right at the top. No wonder I like Google!

A search of Spring Branch produced a very interesting and well photographed tour of the
Village of Spring Valley. TexDot has done quite a number on the Village of Spring Valley which I guess will be yet another victim of the never ending project to widen the Katy Freeway.

My favorite way to find Blogs has always been to find a blog I enjoy and then explore their blogroll. It works the same way as book recommendations in Library Thing. If I like someones blog, chances are we have similar tastes. My own blog roll is rather eclectic, with a mixture of school & education blogs, bookselling blogs, book reading blogs and a sprinkling of Mommy Blogs. Back when I started blogging (May, 2004) all these fancy blog search engines didn't exist. And yes, I also walked 2 miles through the snow to school (uphill!). In Miami.

I've used
Edublog award winners and other blog award sites to find blogs worthy of following. As a matter of fact, one of our Library2Play Captains has an Edublog Award Wining Blog. Often the award sites include annotations which helps the cream rise to the top. I wasn't to fond of School Librarian blogs on Superglu - to confusing. BlogLines was interesting, but I still like Google - their clean interface appears to my inner Virgo.

Finding blogs to read isn't a problem any longer, but finding the time to read them is an ongoing problem! So many blogs, so little time. So much Web2.0, so much more little time.

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Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

That's what I do, too! I figure, if I like a person's blog, I'll probably like the blogs they read. It's almost always true!