Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - My New Laptop

Thirteen Things I Love and Don't Love about My New Laptop

1. It’s pink! It’s confusing people because they don’t think of me as likeing pink. Little do they know I have a thing for flamingos. That’s Good.

2. I now have a working back up computer (my old one). That’s Good.

3. It has Vista. I like it. I thought I wouldn’t. So what was Bad is actually Good

4. It is blazing fast. That is very, very , very good.

5. It’s a Dell. Tech. Services is in India. That’s Bad.

6. Microsolf Outlook Home & Student 2007 Edition no longer comes with Outlook. That’s Bad.

7. I spent 2 hours talking to India trying to solve that particular problem. That’s Bad.

8. It was finally solved. That’s Good.

9. It took me threating to return the computer to be allowed to buy Outlook. That’s Bad.

10. It’s possible to transfer data from the old comptuer to the new one. That’s Good.

11. It requries a $40 Data Transfer Cable which isn’t mentioned in the ordering specs. That’s Bad.
12. Radio Shack sells them. That’s Good.

13. I’ve already sold enough books in July to recoup half the cost. That’s Very Good Indeed.

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Michelle Cooney said...

I hate Dell tech support! THats part of why I didn't get a dell this time! lol. And I have a love hate relationship with my new Vista. :) Till next thursday....

Library Girl said...

Dell Tech Support = the only reason to consider another brand, although they have such a huge market that who considers any other brands? That's bad.

No Outlook = that's insane. Is this Microsoft's way of making MORE $$$ by forcing you to buy the "home" or the "professional" edition instead of the teacher one? That's bad.

Pink, fast, awesomeness = that's FABULOSOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Tink said...

Dell... Not my favourite! I've got HP, their service is excellent. Still, I hope you'll have a lot of fun with your laptop without problems. :-)
My TT is about Belgium.

Book Nook Girl said...'t live without it and unfortunately that means time on the phone with tech support!
I spent 1 hour on hold on Monday with Dell tech support...I finally hung up and still have computer issues! I will have to bite the bullet and call back next week! Yuck!
Congrats on the new computer - yea pink!

Wolfbernz said...

I can understand the Dell frustration... I have been there.
But I do like getting a new computer, Best of luck with it.