Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Hurricane that Wasn't

All of a sudden a tropic storm blew up in the Gulf and headed straight toward Texas – Galveston to be exact.

The local news media began to froth at the mouth with excitement. It’s been a quarter of a century since a Hurricane of note hit Houston -
Alicia came calling in 1983. Every newscaster knows Dan Rather got his big break in 1961, when he covered Hurricane Carla. It’s their dream to emulate him, but so far he’s the only one the winds have blown on to Super Stardom. Hurricane Rita didn’t count, while it did do major damage in East Texas, all it caused in Houston was massive traffic jams.

The 2008 version is
Hurricane Edouard, actually it had only a brief life as a Hurricane and spent most its time as a mere Tropical Storm. Last night it was heading for Houston, then as is the nature of these storms it shifted to the east, coming ashore in a not very populated area. It’s been a dry summer so the rain that always accompanies these storms was quickly absorbed.

That left the TV stations, all of whom opted for 24/7 local weather programming with a great deal of air time to fill and very little to say – or show. We were treated to shots of some puddles, a few downed tree limbs, one or two battered boats and a hurricane party or two.

On the air they of course, had to spout platitudes about how Houston and Galveston were spared the brunt of the storm, how lucky we were to remain unscathed and what a blessing it was that the rain was steady but not torrential.

You could tell by looking at their faces that inside they were thinking:

“Damm…we were all ready to throw a party and guest of honor neglected to appear”.


Butterfly Angel said...

Yeah, same scenario here in the Aamo City..dang, we need the rain.

Gotta love Texas when it comes to unusual weather ~ we do it big! Just don't interfere with the 'soaps' j/k

Have a great school year ~ we have a new librarian for our campus!


Butterfly Angel said...

Err, I thought I left a comment yesterday. Guess not.

Here in the Alamo City, we had the same deal. "Anticipation, is making me wait..." Well we have to do it up big here in Texas regarding the weather.

Have a great school year...

Library Lady said...

Reminds me of what happens when there's a threat of snow here in the DC area....