Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Third Day of School

Checked out 516 books
I taught 7 classes with full a full blown ActivBoard Lessons

We had 4 classes in for Accelerated Reader
The Language Arts Specialist brought in 1 class of 5th graders & introduced blogging on the mobile laptops – we assisted.

I have:
2 hurting feet
2 aching knees
1 lost voice

3 days down, 186 left to go.


MsAbcMom said...

I started the countdown too. Why is that? I have never felt the burden of all of the hard work in front of me like I do this year.

Here's to a good year!


Anonymous said...

i think that the school year has started out good :) . There are 5 reasons why school has started out good .
1. i get to do blogging in the libary with ms.moore and ms. cliett
2. i have made good friends
3. i have a wonderful teacher
4. the science class is wonderful because ms.supples is a great teacher
5.the new assistant princpal is great
I bet that you will have a great school year ms.moore :) .


Anonymous said...

ms.moore i hope that the year has been good for you so far because mine is wonderful :).
I have a great science teacher . she is Ms.supples . then Ms. alexander is a wonderful homeroom teacher . since i began doing blogging its is the best . Also i made new friends and they are great . i think that being a 5th grader is terrific :) :) :) .


Brent said...

nice blog, hope you have a nice school day, I study abroad australia enjoying myself here to. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like many exciting things are happening at your school!

School Monster said...

I think your doing great Ms.Moore because you helped me get some 22 A.R points in the first 2 or 3 Weeks of school and the fact you are doing a lot in few days will leave you less work later in the school year and more time to relax.

Ramiro B.