Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Round & Round & Round It Spins

My district has decided that we are leaping (unwillingly in the case of some) in the digital age. A bond program passed and beaucop bucks are to be allocated to the latest and greatest of the whizz bang gizmo's.

Shortly after the voters blessed this new initiative one approached our superintendent. Why, wondered the voter was his child having to do posters with crayons, glue and scissors? So the edict went out - "Do.Technology.Now. Or Else.

Our ever visionary Library Director greeted this news with a fist pump and an enthuastatic "Yes". This has been his mantra for the past couple years. We've educating the digital generation with pencils and paper and sending them into a workplace bristling with electronic toys.

We began with Library2Play, which morphed into Library2Play for the summer (and the first district inservice that one could do in one's jammies) which morphed into today's in-service more or less entitled "you better be able to do these or else".

So all the librarians gathered together to learn to "do these or else".

We had great fun, but once again the pipeline to Cyberspace had some contruction bottlenecks and roadblocks. . Many of us spent the bulk of our time watching assorted circles spin round and round and round as vain attempts were made to upload or download assorted pictures, videos and other bells and whistles.

We're supposed to post our results to our blog. Here's mine:


Library Girl said...

Love the video! The only thing I didn't like about today was the inability to choose my seat. I would much rather have been at your table. :)

Experimental Play said...

Wow! Your blog is great, and looks like you have been doing it for two years now.

You have left lots of comments on my blog, in Library2Play. One of comments you have made is that if you can share the Houston Photostory with your Third Grade teachers. I don't have any problem with that at all, it would be great if they can use it. Thanks all your comments you made on blog.

LKP said...

Cool video! I'm glad you got to post it, at least SOMEWHERE! Sorry things didn't go smoother at training! Ahhh the fickleness of the internet and SBISD's pipeline! I enjoyed your calm today AND your patience!
BTW, AR should be good to go --- check it out tomorrow --- let me know it it's not!