Sunday, August 08, 2010

Folks...It's Time to Start Your Smartboards

It's the last night of summer vacation.  
In preparation of getting back on the hamster wheel I have:

  • Clipped & filed coupons
  • Put away the laundry
  • Packed up the Saturday garage sale finds for FBA
  • Written as many E-bay auctions as possible and listed some of the Legos
  • Paid bills
  • Fiddled with my money on
  • Hauled stuff out to my car
  • Made my AM Smoothie so I can grab it and go
  • Pulled some CDs for my listening pleasure (no kids yet)
  • Emptied the dishwasher
.....and last of all  laid out an all black outfit to wear tomorrow....... It's 98 degrees outside but              
      Summer is officially OVER


VWB said...

only you can combine humor and widow's weeds into an interesting read!

although it really hasn't ended (because it never really got started) here's to my 36th beginning!

TYRaines said...

I feel your pain. I reopen the library on Wednesday and welcome the students back on the 16th. Summer was gone to soon!

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

I still have another week, but Tim goes back on Monday. My sister has already taught for a full week.

Loved the weeds, too. How appropriately symbolic for our state of mind!

Have a wonderful year!