Sunday, August 22, 2010

Other Duties as Required Redux

When I tell folks I'm a librarian I'm often told how nice it must be to "sit around and read" all day. I rarely sit and while I do read, it's usually to groups of children and it's most always children's books.

My job is  never boring and some of the most interesting bits fall under "Other Duties as Required". These duties have included everything from serving coffee to walking a pit bull.  Just when I think I've done it all, yet another new adventure pops up.

This week's "other duties as required" included Dumpster Diving. 
We'd received 10 Activ Wands for our Promethean Activ Boards and I'd cataloged them and set them aside so the teachers could come and pick them up.

They were in a box, along with the packing boxes behind the circulation desk.  We arrived the next day and they were gone. Most baffling since the custodial staff never touch what's piled behind the desk unless it has a sign saying "Basura" taped to it.  All the laptops were in their places so we didn't think they were stolen - why would a thief take those and leave the iBooks? 

My assistant, who speaks Spanish called the custodian who told her that the computer tech guy told her they were "trash" and to throw them out.   Still haven't figured out why he came to that conclusion.  Computer guy is sometimes a few fries short of a Happy Meal. 

Slight heart failure - they cost $60 each and were certainly not trash.  

Off the dumpster we trekked.  Lucky for us it's the beginning of the school year & it hadn't rained in some time..  While it was piled full, it was all clean paper and cardboard.  The dumpster on the last day of school is full of sticky party food debris - not to mention animals attracted by sticky party food.

I was the one wearing tennis shoes so I climbed in and started routing around - and there under piles of paper were our boxes, the installation CDs and the wands.  Deep breath and great cheer.

Out I clamored and back to the library we went,, wands in hand.  And no, we never told the teachers where those wands spent the night. 

And I got to add yet another duty to "Other Duties as Required".  Perhaps Dumpster Diving needs to be offered as a library school elective? 


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I was so excited when I first started reading your post thinking that you popped into a book store dumpster and found something fab. But hey, this story is just as good. What a thing to write on your resume. "previous experience of dumpster diving for wands."

VWB said...

only you could make a wonderful story out of a potentially expense oops!
I look forward to more adventures.

P.S. do you think a dumpster diving workshop could be online or would it have to be f2f?

TYRaines said...

I had to giggle because people always assume we librarians read all day... yeh right! I'm happy you found those wands.

Anonymous said...

An adventure for sure. Nothing I could ever envision any librarian I know attempting.
Good for you!
Now, walking a pit bull?

Anonymous said...

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