Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First You Have to Kiss Some Frogs.....

The toys and games I unearthed at The House O' Stuff are selling briskly.  Someone just paid  $249 for a Disney / Mickey Mouse Roller Coaster set.  I keep wondering just where this recession is that folks keep talking about.

Speaking of talking about, people often comment on how "lucky" I am to come across all this junk that I turn into treasure and manage to resell at a profit.

I always hear "I never find anything at thrift shops"

Me: "How often do  you shop at one?"

Answer:  "It's been 3 or 4 months". 

Me " I troll the thrift shops 3 or 4 times a week". 

There is some luck involved - maybe 10% but the rest is just plain hard work. 
When it came to The House O' Stuff, the 10% was living in the same city as the toy hoarder.
The 90% was hard work was: 

  • ·        Going to every estate sale I could and getting my name on the-mail lists
  • ·        Scouring their e-mails and pictures looking for a likely candidates.
  • ·         Attending a great many Frog estate sales
  • ·         Making nice to the estate sale dealers so that they will make nice to me. Th
  • ·         In regards to the House O’ Stuff making the time to park my carcass in line for an hour and an hour a half the day before so that I’d get in the door in the first group
  • ·         Showing up on time the day of the sale (believe it or not, some folks were late and lost their hard won place on the list)
  • ·         Spending at least 3 hours at the sale for 2 consecutive Saturdays in a row
  • ·         Busting my backside to get all the STUFF listed, packed, photographed etc. so that it would sell.  Doesn’t matter how much it is worth – I’m not going to make any money if it’s stacked on the pool table!
Everything was either at Amazon or E-bay ready within a week of purchase.
So, yes there is some luck involved but there is a great deal of very hard work as well. 


TYRaines said...

Your finds in the house o' stuff were fabulous and I'm really happy you're earning good money from your time and investment. Sheesh, selling online is such hard work! I wish it were easier.

scrappymomtotwins said...

A fantastic "how to" primer on How to Get "lucky" thrifting!