Saturday, July 12, 2008

Houston, We Have a Dress!

The Fashionista & Nordstrom Came Through!
She suggested a couple of dresses available on Nordstrom On-line.
One proved to be a winner!
Major problem solved! Happy Dance!
Three Cheers for Nordstrom!

I took the dress to Nordstrom yesterday for alterations and shoes.

Oh the shoes!

Now that was an adventure. I do love me my Birkes but they just don’t go with a formal dress. High heels pinch a nerve on the sole of my feet and I topple over. The Fashionist and I looked at just about every shoe in the shoe department. I nixed the silver flip flops with rhinestones in the heels (to glitzy), she nixed the silver matte flats (to dowdy). We then spotted “Gentle Souls”. I have never, ever paid so much for a pair of shoes but they work. They go with the dress and I can actually walk in them.

The Fashionista strongly recommended that I wear them around the house to “break them in”.
Just like June Cleaver I’m keeping house in high heels.

All I need now are the pearls.


Library Girl said...

It's perfect. The color, the style, the shoes... perfect! YAY for Nordstrom - sometimes, as you reminded me last month w/ flea medication, you get what you pay for. ;)

LKP said...

I agree with Library girl, the dress really is perfect for you in both color and style! I also love the shoes! You are going look great AND be fairly comfortable! YEA for Nordstrom's and you!!! said...

Guusje, how divine, we look forward to seeing you outfitted in the dress and shoes cleaning the kitchen. Just love your blog, Cathy Sellers and Nancy Pierce were in town and I gave them your blog address. Thanks Tyna and Patricia

Tuesday's Child said...

Very pretty! Can't wait to see the pictures.