Friday, July 18, 2008

My Scanner - Never Leave Home Without It

We’re in Fort Worth for the weekend – My Beloved is playing in a golf tournament. My Book Selling Buddy is is coming up from Waco tomorrow and we’re going to go book scouting.

We came up todayon Friday so she could practice and we also wanted to see a new art exhibit at the Kimball Art Museum.

We were browsing in the gift shop and I came across a pile of sale books – some reduced as much as 75%.

Did I have my scanner with me? Nooooooooo!
I mean who takes a scanner to the art museum?????

I sorted out the 75% off books, eliminated the obvious duds (Dover press and such) and pulled out my trusty iPhone. Thank goodness I still have ScoutPal.

I found not one but copies of this: Michael Sweerts 1618-1664

I paid $12 for each of them. I have once again justified my ScoutPal subscription for another year.
And I will never, ever go to the art museum without my scanner again!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

You always cease to amaze me. What a great score. I am going to get my iphone as soon as I get home. I cannot wait to have scoutpal at my fingertips (or actually from AST if it works). Great finds Guusje.

v tickell said...

Well, I found your blog! Another hearty congrats to your beloved on her stellar performance in Ft. Worth! Thoroughly enjoyed the museum, even if we didn't go into the sound structure outside the museum proper. I hope your Saturday excursion was as fruitful as your Friday's.

Sicily Property Fan said...

I was in Ft Worth last year visiting old friends and I had a great time. I live in England but enjoyed Ft Worth.