Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Guess I Don't Get It My Way

I realize I live in a diverse section of a very diverse city. When I wander into the local Taqueria I fully expect to ask for “Dos tacos con pollo y un tea frio, por favor”. The owners of my favorite Vietnamese dive are a bit shaky when it comes to English so I point to what I want. Actually, I got them to teach how to ask for a bowl of noodles and a Vietnamese iced coffee in Vietnamese.

But it really bothers me have to order “Dos hamberqueos solomante’ catsup y un Coca Cola pequeno” at Burger King.

Doesn’t “Having It My Way” mean I get to order my food in English?


Paula's Space said...

My sentements exactly. Hey, I finished with my blog! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a video on Colorado. I wish I could have used Rocky Mountain High to go along with it, but I figured the copy right laws would catch up with me!

Marilyn said...

G, I LOVE the dress--the style, the color, it's awesome! Kudo's to the Nordstroms Fashionistas! ;-)


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Language can be complicated. When I lived in the UK I absolutely dreaded calling any call center because they sent all calls to Scotland. I love the Scots (have some in my blood) but I can't understand a word they say. I would be in near tears every time I had to make a call. I couldn't even get dh to make them because I had to give security information. Luckily they switched them all to India now and I can understand their English much better. Funny isn't it?