Thursday, July 22, 2010

13 Things I'd Really Like to Be Eating...or Sipping

1  .A hot fudge Sundae from Marble Slab
2.  Crisp, hot French fries
4. Onion Rings from Sonic (they make them by hand)
5. Creme Brulee
6.  A Cheeseburger in Paradise (no mayo)
7.  Real hot chocolate made with real milk and topped with real whipped cream
8.  A glass of dry sherry
7.  Brie on crusty French bread with an apple on the side
8.  A big bowl of Pho
9.   Vietnamese Egg Rolls with mint and lettuce
10. Chips and green sauce
11. Potato chips with Liptions Onion Soup Dip (comfort food!)
12. New York style cheesecake
13. Southern Fried Chicken

And what am I really eating?  Carrot Sticks.  It's just not the same. 

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