Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Thursday Thirteen

The Thursday Thirteen was always one of my favorite memes.  When the creative juices ran dry The Thursday Thirteen normally inspired a weekly post.  When it comes to Cyberspace things come and go so quickly and one day it vanished.  It's since reappeared in a different place.  

Of course, now I can't think of 13 things to write about so I'll fall back on .....

13 Things I Did Today

1.  Got very wet - H-Town is being washed away by daily thunderstorms.  Makes me happy I'm off for the summer.  Thumbs down to the former, Thumbs up for the latter. 

2.  Wrote E-bay auctions - it won't sell if I don't list it.  DUH!  Thumbs level

3. Went to an estate sale.  Found a Betty Crocker Red Pie cookbook.  Thumbs Up! 

4. Ate some very good sushi.  Thumbs up (licking sushi rice from said thumb)

5. Had BumbleBerry Pie.  A La Mode no less.  2 Thumbs Up!

6. Ran the dishwasther AGAIN.  Thumbs Down. Actually it should be thumbs up that I have one. And that it works.

7. Did not fold the sheets.  I hate folding sheets.  Both thumbs down.

8. Wrote my required "comments"  for my Book studies by blog that I'm doing this summer.  That will get a thumbs up when school starts and I get to take 2 flex days. Make that 2 thumbs up, one for each day.

9. Wasted to much time on Facebook.  Thumbs down!

10. Season7 of Project Runway arrived on DVD.  Watched it.  Also listed Amazon stock.  That made watching it a Thumbs neutral.  Season 8 starts on July 29th.  Happy Dance!

11. Read a book. Thumbs Up.  It's summer I now get to read again

12.  Thought about culling some clothes. Didn't do it.  Thumbs down

13.  Spent 30 minutes with Mr. Wi Fit.  Thumbs Up, though any good it did was negated by #5.

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Jill said...

I hate folding sheets too...that's why I only have one set of sheets per bed. I wash and put back on the bed.