Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Unconscious Mutterings

I'm still trying to get into the blog habit again.  MeMe's might not be very original but they are a useful tool for kick starting the brain. I found there is even a site that collects MeMes - The Daily MeMe.  I'm going to use that next year with my bloggers - I think they will enjoy it and it will help answer the "I don't know what to write about" whine.

This is Unconscious Mutterings by LunaNina - it's a list of word and you type in the first word that pops into your head
  1. Dickens ::  Charles
  2. Collection ::  Library (I work in one) 
  3. Weekends ::  Garage Sales
  4. Travel ::  When???
  5. District ::  Spring Branch Independent School District  (hey, it's where I work)
  6. Vampires ::  Overdone
  7. Peep show ::  Youtube videos of Peeps Candy Chicks
  8. Crochet :: Fussy 
  9. Lion :: Roar
  10. Fetch :: Now What???

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