Thursday, July 29, 2010

13 Thoughts on Project Runway

  1. Tattoos appear to be mandatory  on both the models and the designers
  2. I thought models are supposed to be pretty - some of the woman walking the runway look a little rough around the edges.  Make that very rough
  3. What's with the ties? 
  4. The facial expressions of the judges are priceless
  5. Judging from the commercials Project Runway thinks all their viewers are Moms with Kids.  Don't they know that Queens love the show too?
  6. Some of the designers really need to wash their hair. A comb wouldn't hurt either
  7. One of the designers might have an eating disorder.
  8. Why does Lifetime TV think women are obsessed by dust bunnies?
  9. Best comment of the show  "She's a pole dancer in Dubai"
  10. The judges are BRUTAL tonight.
  11. How did some of these designers ever make it to the finals in the first place? 
  12. There is some serious groveling going on among the designers.
  13. Why am I, who has no interest or affinity for fashion fascinated by Project Runway?

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