Tuesday, June 15, 2004

12 hour workdays are 4 hours to long.

Another day spent correlating TEKS and TAKS. Educators do so love acroynms and Texas of course has to have more than anyone else. We always do things bigger and better in Texas (except when it comes to Presidents - we started out with a bang with LBJ, but it's been downhill ever since). Work wasn't nearly as frustrating as yesterday, we have a template and method to our madness. We did get pretty punchy toward the end - writing educationese will do that to a body.

Then I went over hill, dale and freeway to pick up some shirt paint I'd acquired via Freecycle. Along the way I passed 2 thrift stores I'm fond of but don't get to very often. Scored 2 c2004 textbooks so it was a worthwhile stop. Even found some CDs by artists I recognized - something that does not happen often! A 2 CD set of James Taylor live is a good addition to the collection. What I thought was a few tubes of shirt paint turned out to be over 100 tubes. I need them for a school project next year. All in all, very worthwhile jaunt.

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