Sunday, June 27, 2004

Warm Apple Strudel

We've actually had some ...Though we have yet to encounter Schnitzel with noodles.
Web links will come later -the internet connection at this hotel has a mind of its own, in fact I have lost one post already so I will try this short one again.

After an very  interesting  plane flight in a very small twin properly aircraft (it looked just like the one Shirley Temple danced in while singing On the Good Ship lollipop) we reached our final destination- Innsbruck

A-HA! The secret appears to be to save often and not to attempt the spell check which given mzy lack thereof and this German keyboard could result in some very hard to decipher posts. All English teachers are requested to put away their red pencils!

We arrived to late to see much of if the town, but what we did see, was straight out of Disneyland, sans of course the mouse. Brick streets, outdoor cafes, pastel colored buildings with carvings, lots of pastries and beer, beer and more beer.  We spent the first night in a very old hotel, with much European charm - and twin beds which resulted in hysterical laughter.

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The hotel we are staying at for the duration of the tour  is out in the country and could double as a set for Heidi.  Half Timbers, slanted roofs, window boxes ablaze with flowers, alpine meadows and primeval forests. It has another life as a spa so it comes with some nice extras like saunas & steam rooms - coed and clothing optional.

We´ve meet the others on the tour - all Americans but the tour leader. Everyone will be on BMWs but us - My Beloved of course will settle for nothing less but a Harley and of course, that´s what we have.

The next 5 days will be spent either riding and eating or eating and riding. Given the quality and quantity of the food here and the magnificence of the scenery, I don´t think we can wrong either way.

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Anonymous said...

Your Brother here. Sounds wonderful. It's amazing how much of Europe still looks exactly like you'd expect it to. Great zoning over there. Germany actually was able to defeat Wal Mart from coming in. Try the Wheat Beer on draft if you get a chance. Out of this world.

Sorry to hear about your lousy layover in Schiphol. While it is a nice airport it's still just another airport.

Congrats to Lana on the little Delft House. It should contain real Dutch Gin, which is lethal. Not to be drank while riding a Harley unless you plan on taking out a fiew BMWs along the way. Kind of like Heidi with a bad attitude. (Then again I imagine your poetic references to Heidi and Shirley Temple have Beloved running for the barf bag. Just a guess?)

Do you have arrival time via train in Den Haag? We though we'd see if Oom Lex can meet you. I will be able to check e-mail from abroad so feel free to send me one. Or leave a message with Peter and Karen, if you don't get this before Mother and I leave on Wednesday evening. We have a layover in London, so fingers crossed we won't have your experience. But then again if it's London there is always Harrods!

Anonymous said...

I am loving reading this stuff, it's almost as good as going overseas with Betsy. I am also very envious because I have never been to Europe.Keep us posted and "Ride Free".